If you are like most people, then you are probably looking for ways to save on your heating bills this winter. As much as anything, a few years back most people’s main concern was how to get by the next month, without spending a fortune. Most of us were unaware that we could easily cut our heating bills in half by changing our air conditioning filters regularly.

We thought that air filters protected our indoor air quality and kept our HVAC systems clean, thus reducing our heating costs.

We were wrong.

In the United States today most people will admit that our heating bills are often a large portion of our entire utilities bill. So what is the real reason behind the large heating bills?

We believe that it is the dirty air quality in our homes that is causing our high heating bills; in fact we believe that it is the clean air that is causing our high heating bills. However this is not true.

It is true that air filters protect us and keep us healthier, however, the filter keeps the air clean in the first place. The reason the air in our homes seems to circulate easily is due to the fact that the air inside has not accumulated any dust, viruses, pollutants and other particles.

Our homes air contains a great deal of dust; however air can easily circulate easily without a filter. The reason is that most of us are moving our furniture around our homes, and dust is attracted to motion. The filter, by keeping dust and other particles out of the air, makes the home appear larger than it truly is.

We all know that we should vacuum periodically throughout the home as it prevents dust from accumulating inside, however the fact is if we vacuum throughout the months the vacuum will end up removing the dust as well. In this case the vacuum will replace the filter.

* The filter can easily prevent dust from accumulating inside the home, however dust will still accumulate outdoors, even if the air filters do not. A good filter would prevent dust from accumulating outdoors by constantly collecting the dust, and repelling it outside. This is why filters are often seen near the outdoor door frames.

In conclusion, air filters protect the indoor air and keep us cleaner, and are often used, as a supplemental measure to a central AC system in reducing heating bills. We believe that our central AC system can be kept running without supplementary measures.

This is why we buy the portable unit for each room, we believe that they are far better than the central system for each room. We believe that an AC unit, especially a portable unit, is far better for use for each room compared to central air conditioning. Our air filters are used to keep dust from accumulating in our homes.

Our AC units are used throughout the year, even while we are not at our homes. The best thing about the air conditioners is that you can use them for each individual room in the home. This makes the unit even better compared to a central AC system.

In conclusion, we believe that the AC units are superior to the central AC system.

This is why we choose portable air conditioner units to keep the air clean and dust free.

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