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Gas Adaptive Control

Gas Adaptive Control system can provide simultaneous control with its ionisation signal and gas valve. You’ll have more heat with the same amount of gas.

XL hot Water Capacity

With XL Hot water capacity combi boilers there is always more hot water.

Double Hot Water System

It is possible to receive hot water at the same time from the two faucets from the combi boiler with Double Hot System (DHS).

Thermas feature

The THERMOS feature has a warm holding feature for 3.3 minutes during s hot water use.

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Reasons To Choose ErP Condensing Boilers

108% Efficiency

Enerwa ErP Boilers have the Gas Adaptive feature which ensure optimum use of air gas-ratio to provide maximum efficiency.

Hot Water in Double Taps

The heat exchanger can supply hot water up to 19 liters per/min and provides hot water comfort with its double tap* capacity.

User Friendly With Smart Display

With two different display options, Enerwa ErP Boilers offer ease of use along with stylish design.

What is ErP Directive?

ErP Directives are the regulations regarding energy related products. ErP Directives was published in 2015 by the European Union with the aim of reducing energy consumption by 20%.