Who Qualifies for a Boiler Grant?

In order for anyone to qualify for a boiler grant in terms of the government’s ECO scheme, there are some benefits criteria that need to be met in order for them to qualify. Some of these criteria include the fact that your property must be located on a mains gas supply, and that the boiler that you are looking to replace must be at least five years old. You are also required to be the owner of the home. These are just some of the criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for free boiler grants.

Oftentimes, individuals are confused as to whether or not they qualify for a free boiler grant, and this article serves the purpose of bringing some clarity to the matter. After reading this, you should have a much more concrete view as to whether you qualify for the boiler grant. Boiler grants are available for a number of different matters such as boiler replacement and boiler installation.

Who is Entitled to a Grant for a New Boiler?

Knowing whether or not you qualify for a boiler grant can save you a lot of money in the long run. All applicants that are under the boiler replacement scheme must be able to satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • They must own the home in question.
  • Private tenants must obtain permission from their landlord.
  • They must receive a combination of government benefits that are mentioned below.
  • The boiler in need of replacing must be older than seven years old.
  • The property must have a gas supply.

Should all these criteria be met, then the applicant qualifies for a new boiler grant. If any of these are not met, it is likely that the boiler grant can be refused.

Applicants who apply for a free boiler grant must receive a combination of any of the following government benefits:

It is important to note that any applicants who receive either pension credits or child tax credits in which the annual household income is less than 16,010 Pounds automatically qualify for a replacement boiler grant.

Due to some of the funding restrictions that relate to the Affordable Warmth Scheme, some households may be required to make a contribution towards the installation of a new gas boiler.

Applicants who receive child tax credits, working tax credits, and universal credits are all subject to household income thresholds. These thresholds are calculated in regards to the number of adults and children living in the home, as well as the number of bedrooms in the property.

Is There a Grant for Replacing a Gas Boiler?

Yes, there are boiler grants available for those low-income households that require income support. The gas boilers that are provided by the government are energy efficient so as to reduce the costs for homeowners and private property owners. In order to qualify for these free boilers, applicants must meet the previously mentioned criteria. The grant is income-related so that the government can avoid individuals who do not need the grant-making use of it.

It is available to anyone who is eligible for a boiler, and due to their energy efficiency and deals with energy suppliers, the grant ensures that the energy bills of those individuals using them do not increase exponentially. So, if you meet all the necessary criteria, then you can lower your carbon footprint, and make use of the government scheme in order to get yourself an energy-saving free boiler replacement.

Can Pensioners Get Help with a New Boiler?

An old boiler tends to lose around 40% of the heat they produce. This means that for every unit f currency that you spend, 40p is wasted. The newer A-rated boiler that is issued by the ECO scheme is able to save around 90% of the heat that they generate, meaning that homeowners with these boilers can save up to 340 Pounds a year.

The government’s ECO scheme aims to assist pensioners in upgrading their properties with energy-efficient boilers. For anyone over the age of 60 who received pension credit, you are entitled to a free replacement boiler. It is important to note that pensioners who receive a standard state pension are not entitled to free boiler grants. However, if you are over the age of 60 and claim working tax credits, you may still be entitled to some assistance in terms of the boiler grant scheme, even if you do not receive pension credit.

Can I Get a Boiler Grant on PIP?

Should you be on Personal Independence Payment(PIP), you are entitled to a boiler grant as it is one of the benefits that is included in the ECO scheme. Any individual who has long-term health issues or any disabilities qualifies for a free boiler grant. One should note that this is only the case should they meet the criteria that have been set out by the government for the grant.

The purpose of the criteria is so that individuals do not abuse the ECO scheme in order to receive at least one free boiler when they do not really need it. The scheme is income-based, meaning that you can qualify for it based on your financial position. Social housing automatically qualifies for the grant as well. Meeting the criteria makes it possible for receiving certain benefits that are provided by the scheme, a free gas boiler being one of them.

How Do I Get a Boiler Grant?

Should you be eligible for a boiler grant, your energy supplier company should let you know that you are eligible for the benefits. If you believe that you are eligible to have your old boiler replaced but have yet to be contacted by your energy supplier, then you should make an inquiry about the scheme with the supplier. It is entirely possible that they could have made a mistake and your inquiry could fix this. You may be required to attend a consultation where you have to answer all the necessary questions.

Your supplier should then arrange a date for them to conduct a technical survey of your property, where they can gather all the necessary information before deciding where they can make any improvements. After doing so, they should also confirm which of the boiler grant options are available to you. All the warranty and maintenance documents should be provided by your supplier throughout the process in order to ensure full disclosure.

The Bottom Line

No matter which energy companies operate in your area, or the one that you subscribe to, should you meet all the criteria for the ECO scheme, you qualify for a free boiler grant. It is important that you are aware of whether or not you qualify, as it is entirely possible that the energy companies miss your profile and do not contact you with the information. So, now you should be aware of who qualifies for a boiler grant. If you do qualify, make sure to follow all the necessary procedures so that you can claim your free boiler replacement today. The scheme is aimed at assisting low-income households so get your benefits today.